Polymer - Clay

It's all about Polymer-Clay in here.

But what is it? Polymer Clay is a modeling clay, with a character of plasticine and argil, that consists of plasticized PVC, pigments and flexibilizing particles. It's available in all sorts of colours.

You can shape it, knead it, fashion it, roll it etc. The modeling material hardens at 130° degrees (for example in the oven). Then, you can work on it, like boring, sawing, sharpening, buffing...

There are several types of Polymer Clay on the market:

in Germany: Fimo, Pardo

in USA: Sculpey, Kato and many others.

About me

Since I was a child, I always dealt with creative things like drawing, painting, handicraft work etc.

Then, one day, a few years ago, I wanted to try out some plastic arts with mosaic and I discovered Fimo. I never heard about it before!

So it happened that I started to work with Polymer Clay. I have never won any prices and my work was never published, but I attended some workshops:

2009 Workshop in Austria with Kerstin Rupprecht

2009 Workshop in Bad Homburg

2010 Workshop in Austria with Christine Dumont

2011 Workshop in Liechtenstein with Kathleen Dustin

Polymer Clay is a never ending possibility for me to advance and develop my creativity.

Eliska Koliosova  •  Filderstadt   •  Germany